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Welcome to our brand new online booking system..

Before you make a booking please read a few pointers we have made to make your booking process understandable and answer any questions that may arise.

  • Events available are timed 'Practice Sessions' and the available options are 10 Minutes, 20 Minutes or 30 Minutes.
  • Each event will be run as stated and not split (e.g. 30 minutes would not be run in 2 x 15 minute sessions)
  • All sessions shown on the 'Online Booking' system will have a time of event. This is the time we will start the event. We ask for you to arrive promptly 30 minutes prior to your event.
  • Sessions will be available throughout the week to book, if you require a later date you may ring or wait until the following Monday when events refresh for that week.
  • Events will start on time and will not be held for customers who are late, no refunds for no shows or late arrivals.
  • Each event will have a limited amount of spaces available and once that event is full you will no longer be allowed to register to it.
  • Minimum age for 'Online Booking' is 16 years, If you or your group are looking at booking and have drivers under this age please call our reception on 01977 600030 and we can book a private session for you.
  • Online sessions will have a mixture of drivers/groups unless one group fills the entire session or spaces remain available.(see next bullet point)
  • As mentioned sessions may have a mixture of drivers this means you do not have exclusivity and you must respect other drivers and their abilities. 
  • Drivers must wear a balaclava if using our helmets, these can be purchased on arrival at our reception for £2.50. 
  • Please see our Terms and Conditions on the HOME page for further details.