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If you are shown a black flag please

drive the circuit slowly and enter

the Sin-Bin at walking pace,

stopping at the marshals request.

The black flag is used if you have

ignored the rules and require

us to penalise you and remind you

of what you have done wrong.

After a chat with the marshal

you will re-enter the circuit to

carry on racing. 

Please note: 

If you receive 3 black flags or we deem

you to be out of control or unsafe

to yourself or other drivers you will be disqualified and taken off the circuit.

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Tavern Works, Skinner Lane, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 1HG


BUMPING - Bumping is when a driver hits another from behind/side, we do not allow bumping as it causes crashes, it is unfair to race in this way and is dangerous to other drivers.

SKIDDING - Skidding is when a driver loses control of the kart and either slides around the corner sideways or spins all the way around. If a driver spins around they will receive a warning board, if a driver spins around and causes a crash it will be a black flag. We say drive to the limit of yourself and the kart .

PEDALS - Do not press both pedals at the same time (2 pedals are on a kart, left pedal is the brake and the right pedal is the accelerator) pressing both not only slows you down but will also destroy the clutch. 

WEAVING - Weaving is when a driver moves side to side to side, to block an overtake from another driver. Not only is it un fair but also dangerous and may cause an accident.

CALM DOWN - Not much explanation here, you are driving beyond your limits or your driving is too aggressive please calm down or you will be black flagged.

If a group of drivers are caught speeding on yellows/overtaking or continuously bumping or skidding, we will red flag the event and

re-brief the group. It is at our discretion if we let the event continue and at any time if we feel the driving on circuit is out of control and a danger to our staff and the drivers we may forfeit any remaining time/laps and ask the group to leave the circuit without refund.
If it is a sole driver breaking the rules and after a black flag if the behavior is still dangerous we will stop the event and ask the driver to exit the circuit. 

Please note: 

We do not offer refunds for any track time lost by way of crash or group forfeit. We reserve the right to stop any event in the interest of health and safety.

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Yellow flags/lights will be shown around

the circuit, please slow down and

remain in position (no overtaking).

Once the lights/flags are taken away

you may resume racing.

Please note: 

Drivers that do not slow down and endanger staff and other drivers will be taken off the circuit.

Red flags/lights will be shown around

the circuit, please release the

accelerator and slow down using the

brake coming to a stop.

(do not slam the brakes on as this will cause you to spin and may cause another collision)

Please note: 

Groups speeding on yellows or ignoring track rules will be stopped and re briefed using the red flag.

The Chequered Flag is shown at race control to signal the end of the session.

Please make your way around the circuit at walking pace,do not overtake the kart in front of you, single file only.

Once reaching the pit lane a member

of staff will indicate the pit entrance and

you must drive slowly entering the

pits and come to a safe stop,

remaining in your kart until all drivers are safely stationery in the pit lane.

Once engines are turned off you may exit your kart from the left hand side.

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Blue flags will be shown by a

track marshal when a kart is

approaching to lap you,

Please stay on the racing line

and take a wider line around

the next corner to allow space

for the person to overtake ,

Carry on racing as normal

after the person has overtaken.